Have you missed a payment or two and the lender doesn't seem to care?

Lender's can't help if you haven't defaulted yet- they just want your payment.  But, they also can't tell you how to work with their system - your not talking to a specialist when you call.

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Teaching Homeowners there is still a bright future after Mortgage Default

Are you waiting for the lender to throw you out?


The most important decision we make as adults for our futures and our families futures.  

Are you in danger of defaulting on your Mortgage?

Sometime's the best answers aren't the right answer's at the time.  In 2005, the height of the buying frenzy- it was get in the market and get one of your own before the prices go out of reach.  

No one knows when the music stops but it does.  People lost their jobs, homes, families and everything they worked so hard to provide for themselves and their families.  It's been hard to see REO and lender owned homes boarded up all around us.  Sometimes,you need the services of experienced short sale advocates to present information you can use to your best ability.

Sooner or later the lender will evict & sometimes this is the best option you may have left.  But, if I can change that wouldn't it be easier to recover from a situation by making sure there are no other possible options?

Looking at your future might not be pleasant... but you can come out from underneath a

job layoff, lowered wages or medical issues to reorganize and purchase at today's lower prices, if you make a plan.